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High technology at service of tradition.Elegant and basic design renewed in time at service of a high performance product.

Production and service are costumer oriented, on the base of the specific enquiries, with the usual flexibility of an artisan production and with the support of high technology machineries in the respect of the highest standard of quality, able to position our ovens among the best in the market. The ovens are fully projected and manufactured in our factory in Verona, Italy. New fixing system of the control panel, completely and easily removable in case of main­ tenancy. The new rubber joint has replaced the red silicon. It permits a good contract of the panel to the oven, and stops any damage to the panel by the steam and the condensation. The result is a perfect combination between the care to the details and the functionality-to-use.

The internal and the external glasses of the oven door have been lengthened for improving the visibility of the product during baking and the lighting has been risen. The external glass can be opened, allowing an easy cleaning of both of them and the two door glasses. The handle of the oven is in stain­ less steel covered by insulating material, permits a safe and ergonomic taking. New joints for the oven door, in inox and in a new silicone rubber suitable for working in high temperature and humid working conditions. Our rotary oven is today the result of years of experience spent for improving its performance and obtaining an oven with a very high working reliable and with a consumption among the lowest in the market.

Technical standard characteristics of our rotary ovens PRISMA 51:

-Front, baking chamber and outside covering panels are in stainless steel -equipped with exhaust fan manual valve
-High performance combustion chamber in stainless steel, positioned on the rear left or right hand side, at choice of the customer
-Control panel: electromechanical or digital, at choice of the customer (available as optional in the computerized version with the motorized exhaust valve)
-Trolley rotation is made by a gear box with limiting device
-Rotating system for the trolley sizes 40x60,50x70 e 6080: with turnable or with manual upper hook, at choice of the customer
-Rotation system for the trolley sizes 80x80,80x100,and 80x120: with turnable only.

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