Gas Deck Oven
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Electric Power        : 3PH,50/60HZ
Max Tray Size         : 460x720mm
Baking Room Size :
G102-306 : W975 x D780 x H230mm /deck
G103-309 : W1475 x D815 x H230mm /deck
G104-312 : W1475 x D960 x H230mm /deck

Technical Features:
  1. Automatic ignition controlled by thermostat.
  2. With top fire and bottom fire separate burning tubes which bends at 8mm only even under high tem temperature. Thus it can prolong its life.
  3. Blast air to mix with gas to generate blue flame. Two igniting systems are provided.
  4. A safety device is installed with a microcomputer-controlled flare sensor.
  5. Top fire temperature and bottom fire temperature can be set independently.
  6. With timer on so that baking can be handled easily.
  7. Excellent insulation.
  8. Strong construction. The husk is built with stainless steel beard.
  9. Single phase power is workable.
  10. Save a lot of cost on the energy consume.
  11. Perfect performance on the baking.
  12. Optional for steam function setting and cost reduce.

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